No-HASSLE Fundraiser


Generous contributions from our Kealing families supplement our school budget and provide much-needed funds for teachers, programs, and classrooms. It’s no secret that our state education funding is inadequate to support our district’s current needs. Many of our teachers spend their own funds to provide enriching activities as well as basic equipment for our students. Our PTA strives to provide funding to meet their needs so our teachers and administrators have the resources to ensure our students succeed. Please help us with that effort by donating to our HORNET NO HASSLE!  

If you are able, we ask that each family consider donating $125 per student, but give at whatever level you are able.  Every dollar counts! Your contributions will help Kealing continue to be an outstanding middle school campus that exposes all our students to a variety of excellent educational experiences and empowers them to reach their potential! 

Where does your money go? The Kealing PTA funds field trips, teacher and classroom stipends, technology, fine arts needs, grounds workdays and improvements, staff training, teacher appreciation, library support, clubs and extracurricular programs, and much more!  Donate today to support these efforts!