Faculty & Staff

Secret Pal Sign-up Deadline is September 15, 2023

Teachers who are active PTA members can sign up for the Secret Pal Program by completing the Secret Pal Form. By participating you will be matched with a family who will deliver gifts/treats three times during the school year!

Kealing PTA Membership - For Teachers and staff

If you haven’t had a chance to join the PTA yet, you can join online for $10.

Teacher & staff Resources

Teacher Classroom Supply Stipend

The PTA can fund up to $100 per teacher for the reimbursement of classroom supplies and other materials that will be used to enhance the learning environment.  This is in addition to non-stipend items such as professional development or items that directly support curriculum.  Teachers who need to be reimbursed should complete the Reimbursement/Check Request Form.

Academic Support Program

This year the PTA has allocated funds in its budget for academic support funding to teachers and staff to help fund curriculum needs, new technology, staff development, and a host of other academic-related expenses. Teachers can apply for support by completing the application below. The aim of this funding is to support quality and innovative teaching, experiential learning, the arts, physical education, technology, and extracurricular activities.


Click here to request our treasurer to write a check to either you (for reimbursement) or to a vendor

If you'd like the PTA to purchase something for you, fill out this form.  The Principal and PTA Treasurer will review and approve all submissions.