Volunteer Opportunities

Welcome to the Kealing Middle School PTA Volunteer Page – where you can make a meaningful impact! Engaged PTA families are the heart of our vibrant Kealing community, enriching our environment, supporting our students, and empowering our dedicated staff. Regardless of your schedule or passions, many volunteer opportunities await you. Join us in just three simple steps:

Connect on Konstella: Konstella is the communication hub for Kealing PTA. By joining Konstella, you'll stay updated with weekly announcements, discover volunteer openings, and gain access to the school directory. Join Konstealla here and delve into our PTA's many committees by clicking the "Committees" link. 

Express Your Interest: Take a moment to complete our Volunteer Interest Form here. Your submission signifies your curiosity – no commitments, just an expression of your interest to explore further. 

AISD Background Check: Ensuring the safety of our students is paramount. We've partnered with Austin Partners in Education (APIE) to streamline this process. If you plan to dedicate your time this year, complete the straightforward background check here. The best part? It's free, and there's no requirement to contribute to APIE. All volunteers must complete this brief background check. 

Contact us. We'd love to hear from you!

Let's Build a Bright, Kealing Future Together: We can craft an inspiring future for our students. Should you have any questions or ideas to support Kealing, please contact Laurie Pompa, Volunteer Coordinator, at volunteer@kealingpta.org or Tiffany Cross, Kealing PTA President, president@kealingpta.org