Kealing Wish List

Die Cutting Machine and Rolling Stand - $1300
A number of courses and projects that are being developed are limited by the ability to die cut from a computer-generated design. This device would allow students to design on a computer and print to a host of textiles, woods, metals, foams, etc.

Class Set of Celestron Deluxe Handheld Digital Microscope - $2100
3D microscopes that connect to display images on the computer would improve learning in all science core classes and some electives.

30 Chromebooks – $384 each
We would like to continue toward our goal of achieving a 1:1 student to Chromebook ratio in the next five years. $384 funds one Chromebook with all of the software, maintenance, and security features that are added to school-owned devices.

Goggles - $2040
This amount will allow us to replace broken goggles and increase the overall quantity to allow each science teacher to have a class set.

5 Class Sets of Headphones - $270 each
As we increase the use of technology, the need for quality headphones is increasing as well. $270 funds a complete set for one classroom.

Speed Jump Ropes - $650
These ropes would be used in Physical Education and Athletics to work improve cardiovascular health and footwork. $650 supplies a set for a PE class.

New Portable Volleyball Net for the Small Gym- $1550

30 Laptops- $460 each
There are some innovative electives and particular projects that require design and graphics software that cannot function on Chromebooks. 30 more robust devices to be checked out would serve this need.

New Dishwasher for the Science Department Storeroom - $500 
Our dishwasher is broken and a new one is needed to clean science lab glassware.